{Live} In Love with Love

February 15, 2011 in All Posts, Parenting

Love, Chloe, that is.  I inexplicably fell head over heels for Chloe’s new fragrance the second I swiped the Nordstrom catalog sample on my naked, eager wrist.

It’s a strange feeling for me since I usually take the time to develop a relationship with a new scent before committing.  I tend to go for the superficial qualities at first.  You know, what’s the name of the perfume:  is it bold; does it represent me?  Who makes the perfume:  no second rate houses or trendy celebrity fragrances.

And it’s hard for me to stray from my normal type:  bold, musky fragrances like Dior’s Addict and Guerlain’s Samsara.  While I have been known to dabble in florals, those have just been daytime perfume dalliances (Givenchy’s Fleur d’Interdit; Chanel’s Chance; Bulgari’s Omnia Crystalline), not what truly satisfies me.  No; to be mine requires a bit of that mysterious je ne sais quoi characteristic of all my prior nighttime companions.

Even after getting past the first step, I like to dance around the final act of purchasing.  It’s the thrill of the chase, I suppose.  Before letting a new, unknown perfume envelop my body and titillate my senses, I need the build up of anticipation before the initial spritz.  I flip through magazines searching for the fragrance inserts; spray testers on countless paper strips at the perfume counter.  Sometimes this goes on for months.

And I need to feel connected.  Ready to take the plunge.  If I’m going to welcome a new fragrance into my life and show it off as my signature scent, there must be the potential to mesh well together.

But instead of my usual coy flirtation, this time, I jumped headlong into my love affair with Love, Chloe after only one brief catalog sample encounter.

Making a beeline to the perfume section of the Neiman Marcus cosmetics department, I swung my hair back over my shoulder for effect and announced,

In the bedroom

I’d like to buy the new Love, Chloe perfume.”

Do you want to try it on?”

No.  I know I like it.”

Brazen, right?

But I was sure.  In fact, I was so taken with this exotic bouquet, that I bought the perfumed lotion, too.  (If you’re wondering, the fragrance is a cross between Houbigant’s Quelques Fleurs and Hermes’ 24, Faubourg – a warm, spicy, sophisticated powdery floral, evoking the smell of luxurious finely milled face powders of makeup days gone by).

It’s only been two days since falling prisoner to my latest perfumery fantasy, but I’m still enamored by my impulsive affair.  There’s a spring in my step and a smile on my face, knowing inside that my new treasure and I are onto something good.

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