{Celebrate} The Simplest Homemade Wrapping Paper

February 16, 2011 in All Posts, Celebrate, Play, Toddler Activities

Completely enamored by Chloe’s new fragrance, Love, Chloe, I bought my own Valentine’s present this year.  (Well, Hubby also got me something).  But buying your own gift doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be presented beautifully.  I didn’t have any wrapping paper handy, so I enlisted Jane’s help.  This is by the far the easiest wrapping paper we’ve made and it took just a few minutes.


  • construction paper*
  • tape (clear or double-sided is best)
  • crayons or markers

Step 1:  Arrange the gift in the center of the construction paper.  We chose red for Valentine’s Day, but any color works.  Keep in mind that the darker the color, the less crayon will show up.

Step 2: Fold one edge of the paper over the gift.  Then, do the same thing from the other side.  To keep the paper taut, tape down the first side to the gift before pulling over the second side.

Step 3: Fold in the two edges as you would normally do with regular wrapping paper, using tape to secure the construction paper.

Step 4: Give your toddler crayons or markers and free reign to decorate as s/he sees fit.

And voila!  The simplest homemade wrapping paper.

*In fact, you don’t even need construction paper — any paper bag (like a brown grocery bag or retail store shopping bag) can be your wrapping paper canvas by turning it inside out.

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