{Celebrate} Where is all the Special Agent Oso Merchandise?

February 19, 2011 in All Posts, Celebrate

It is next to near impossible to find any Special Agent Oso merchandise in stores or even online.  When I planned my toddler’s Special Agent Oso themed birthday party, I couldn’t find a darn thing to decorate with or give her as a present.

While I was okay with going to the Disney website’s Celebrations Center to print out Digi-Medals, character cutouts and other decorations, as a working mom, I could have used a little help with pre-made Oso products.  (Out of love for my daughter and a little bit of guilt for having a completely store-bought birthday party last year, it was a personal goal to keep this birthday homemade.  But staying up until 1:30 in the morning two nights in a row making two dozen paper Whirlybirds, pinwheels and Paw Pilot-Wolfie-Dotty banners was slightly more than I bargained for!).

The “Disney” brand name is practically synonymous with the term “character merchandise,” so why no Oso-love?

The Special Agent Oso plush toy sells on Amazon for almost $200 – no thanks.  And the online Disney Store is perpetually sold out.  The best I have been able to find in a store is the Learning Curve 3-pack figure set at Target, which sold for $8.27 around Christmas.

At that time, Target also offered a few different Special Agent Training Vehicles (Twirly Whirlybird; R.R. Rapide) for $19.99.  I thought I would go back and purchase them at a later visit.  Mistake.  They’re gone!

Turns out that Oso merchandise is almost exclusively sold online and in small quantities — I’ve done the legwork and here’s where you can get your toddler his/her fix at the lowest price:

  • Toys ‘R Us – $9.99 for the Learning Curve 3-figure set (Special Agents Wolfie, Dotty and Oso); $14.99 for the Training Pack (Cold Fingers; Moon Rover) and Mission Pack (Submarines are Forever); $19.99 for Vehicles (Wolfie’s Motor Boat; Oso’s Go-Go-Go Racecar)
  • Walmart – $19.99 for Twirly WhirlyBird; $29.97 for R.R. Rapide Command Center

So the moral of this story is buy whatever you can get your hands on!  The limited merch is flying off shelves and it doesn’t look like there’s going to be much more offered in the future.

And Disney, if you’re listening, at least throw us a DVD since Special Agent Oso is only on once a day (and at 6:30 a.m. no less).  Three hours of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes back-to-back is plenty . . . we’d like to see more of our favorite “unique stuffed bear.”

(If you have had luck finding Oso merchandise, please take this poll to help others!)

**UPDATE 4-17-11  Special Alert!  Special Alert!  The Special Agent Plush Toy is available on Amazon for $26.99 plus $4.49 shipping.  Order soon because there are a limited supply!  I just did :-)

**UPDATE 4-23-11 Special Alert!  Special Alert!  The  plush toy is available for $16.50, plus $4.95 for shipping and handling, at the Disney Store. Disney also is offering a 2 for $28 deal now!

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