{Play} Two-Minute Marker Monster and Paper-Crown Queen

March 4, 2011 in All Posts, Play, Toddler Activities

With a two-year old who’s always bouncing off the walls and won’t sit through a project with any waiting time (like waiting for me to cut paper), it’s always a race to finish a project while keeping Jane’s interest.  In one of our speediest projects ever, we put together this construction paper jeweled crown in two minutes flat:

Minute One: Cut out two 2 to 3-inch thick rectangular strips from a yellow piece of construction paper, making random jagged cuts to form the top of the crown. Have your toddler glue the ends or use double-sided tape to stick the paper strips together.

(Jane taking matters into her own hands at the end of Minute One)

The Next 30 Seconds: Cut out different colored circles or other shapes to make the crown's jewels.

The Last 30 Seconds: Glue as many "jewels" and "gems" as you can to the crown before your toddler rips it out of your hands!


And here’s our two-minute monster made from the leftover holey construction paper:

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