{Play} One Minute Paper Bag Monster

March 8, 2011 in All Posts, Play, Toddler Activities

In the literally five minutes I had to put the finishing touches on my makeup, cook the kids breakfast, pack my own lunch and give the nanny instructions about Sam’s medicine, I actually managed to get in this super quick monster mask for Jane, who insisted I make it in between cooking her spattering sausages on the stovetop and putting my shoes on to run out the door to work.

Even faster than our Two-Minute Marker Monster, I did this while simultaneously walking in between the kitchen to turn Jane’s sausages in the pan and the family room where I was trying to catch bits of baby breakfast that Sam was throwing around the room.

To make this jack o’ lantern monster mask:  (1) Just cut out one side of a paper grocery bag, (2) then pinch the areas where you want to cut out the eyes, nose and mouth, (3) make your cutouts and you’re finished!  If you have the time (unlike me!), you can size it to your child’s face.  Your toddler can also decorate it with glitter, marker or crayon or whatever she sees fit.

It’s nothing fancy, but with no time to spare and a toddler begging for something fun, it totally fits the bill.  Now, with all the monsters in our house, we might just have to make this Monster Repellent Spray from Chica and Jo!  (Or, I could get Jane onto something a little less scary like these paper dolls from The Artful Parent).

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