{Play} Spring Fever | Part I

March 11, 2011 in All Posts, Play, Toddler Activities

It’s starting to feel like Spring around here and with Daylight Savings only a day away, we’re going to have a lot more time for fun in the evenings after work and before bedtime!

On a spring fever morning before work this week, I stopped in to Office Depot looking for a card reader for my camera and *somehow* ended up in the school supplies aisle and found these fun Crayola products:

So Wednesday night, after work, we experimented with the Window Crayons:

When the sun went down, the crayons glowed neon in the kitchen light:

Jane loved this activity because she knows she’s not supposed to draw on the windows or walls!

Next time, we are going to try this great idea I saw at Chalk in My Pocket to satisfy more of Jane’s “off limits” creative fantasies.  Stay tuned for Spring Fever – Part II, where we try out our jumbo-sized Sidewalk Chalk.

* * *
Crayola Window Crayons - 5ct

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