{Live} Don’t Be Ranunculus

March 28, 2011 in All Posts, Play, Toddler Activities

Hubby typically covers the kids for 1.5 hours on Sunday afternoons after he gets back from the office so I can have some “free time” on the weekend.

“Free time” at our house loosely translates to “grocery shopping or running to the drugstore alone without the kids slowing you down.”  If you’re speedy enough with the errands, then you get any remaining time to yourself.

What did I choose to do this Sunday?  Well, I had egg shell Easter grass projects on the brain after watching Nina and Star make this eggshell planter on the Sprout Goodnight Show and after seeing this, this and this project last week.  So I set out to buy grass seeds and potting soil for the eggshells that I had meticulously emptied and cleaned while the kids were napping.

When I arrived at the hardware store, though, I was momentarily derailed from my original plan by these beautiful ranunculus plants (aka Persian buttercups) waiting for a good home:

I snatched up a few as quickly as I could, grabbed the potting soil and grass seeds and flew out the door so I could hit two grocery stores and a neighborhood restaurant for our take-out dinner before heading home.  (Yes, I managed to do all this in 1.5 hours exactly).

To my very pleasant surprise when I arrived home at 6 p.m., there was a brief break in the clouds that have been hanging around all week and our porch was lit with springtime evening sun!  So instead of making the eggshell Easter grass, Jane and I whipped out our trowels and set to work before the sun went down.

Sorry, Easter grass . . . next time.

(Note the Crocs in the photos:  I suppose they do have their place).

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