{Celebrate} Inspiration for a Pirate Themed Birthday Party

April 12, 2011 in All Posts, Celebrate

After a few months of brainstorming, I finally picked a theme for Sam’s first birthday party last week:  pirates!

While I was mulling it over, the first obvious choice was a character-themed party from one of the television shows he watches.

Yes, American Academy of Pediatrics – my not yet one-year old son watches television!  The shock and horror, I know, I know.  Not only that, but his first words were “Go . . . go Go” (Nick’s Go Diego Go) and “…clap…clap” (Disney’s Little Einsteins).

But I couldn’t pick an Elmo-themed party because Elmo was Jane’s first love.  And a Super Why! party would be treading dangerously close to Jane’s territory, too.  Plus, we just had a character party for Jane (Special Agent Oso) and I’m not really in the mood for another one.  Hmmm . . .

Arrgh!  That’s it!  A pirate theme!

From left to right:

  1. This book is permanently wedged in between the kids’ car seats for guaranteed entertainment and tantrum-taming in the car.  (Nowww, pat clap, pat clap, pat clap!)
  2. The pirate theme hadn’t gelled yet when I drove past this giant billboard, but it managed to make an impression.
  3. I picked up this pirate’s hat, the sword and children’s costumes for 80% off at a post-Halloween sale last year.
  4. One random midday nanny check, I popped in to see the kids watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates on Playhouse Disney, which they’ve never watched with me.  (No wonder Jane’s been greeting me with “Ahoy there, Matey!” and “Aaargh!” when I come home from work).
  5. Tiny Prints was having a sale on gift tags just after Christmas, so I bought all of our Christmas gift tags a year in advance and saw this one for Sam and had to pick it up, too.  (I do love a good sale!  See No. 3 above).
  6. I also picked up these matching personalized cards and address labels for Sam – on sale of course.
  7. After I burned the parchment paper from my Crunchy Meyer Lemon Sugar Cookies baking experiment and saw that it resembled an old treasure map, the lightbulb went off!

Now, time to get planning . . .

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