{Play} Twig and Ribbon Princess and Magic Wand

June 3, 2011 in All Posts, Play, Toddler Activities

Jane loves sticks and stones.

When we took a pre-bedtime walk last night to meet Hubby at the train, she picked up a nice little collection of branches as usual.  Unfortunately, Hubby was delayed for two hours due to another poor soul’s unfortunate experience and we weren’t able to pick him up from the station.  Jane was thoroughly disappointed, so instead of making her throw out her twiggy treasure, I let her take them inside the house and suggested we come up with a project for them after I put Sam to bed.

My first thought was painting with them or on them, but nixed the idea after realizing it would involve another bath.  Making a 3-D structure like our toothpick-gumdrop tripods also seemed like a good idea, but I was too tired to do all the intricate tying that would be involved in making a house or boat out of string and twigs.  Luckily, I spotted some shiny silver ribbon on the counter and came up with the super fun idea of making a magic wand.

Jane was completely engrossed with the cutting process:

and had a great time pretending to spell out words like Princess Presto with the finished wand:

Here’s how you and your toddler can make this super simple wand:


  • a twig or slender branch (try to find a curved one)
  • ribbon (preferably shiny!)

Step 1

Have your toddler snip lengths of ribbon either with you holding the ribbon taut or on her own.

Step 2

Tie the ribbon pieces to the top portion of the stick and curl each piece with a scissor blade.


Also very fun, according to Jane – trying to wrap yourself up as a present:

LEARN!  Fine motor skills, scissor cutting, pretend play


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