{Play} Paper Roll Telescopes

June 11, 2011 in All Posts, Play, Toddler Activities

For some reason, every tube or hole Jane can spy through she pronounces a “telescope.”  There are variations, like the spy scope, the super scope or the pirate scope.

So a perfect idea for a recent rainy day was to break out my teeming stash of toilet paper and paper towel rolls to make some telescopes.  These actually turned out to be great party accessories for Sam’s pirate birthday.


  • Toilet paper or paper towel roll tubes
  • paint and paintbrushes

Step 1

Pick off all of the pesky last pieces of paper that are clinging to your tubes.

Step 2

Arm your toddler with paint and brushes and let her go to work!

It’s easiest to start out painting the tubes with them lying flat on your work surface and when one side has been painted, continue painting the other side with the tubes standing up.

Step 3

Dry the tubes standing upright.

Need more ideas for what to do with all of your paper roll tubes?

Try these three great ideas from paint cut paste:  paper roll airplanespaper roll pumpkin garland and a hallogreen monster or this fun toilet paper tube target practice idea from Pink and Green Mama (check out her St. Patrick’s Day printmaking project, too).

You can even make wall art like this amazingly crafty toilet paper roll wall hanging from Unfamiliar Ceiling.

Happy painting and creating!

LEARN!  Manipulation/dexterity, imaginative play

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