{Live} Adventures Of A Working Mom Staying At Home | Week One

July 11, 2011 in All Posts, Laugh

Well, I made it through my first official week as a stay-at-home mom.

How did I fare in my new role?

Day One

Day Two

  • Scrape poop out of the bathtub.  Bleach bathtub.
  • Wonder how to manage without an Outlook calendar or time to check e-mail, make phone calls or blog.

Day Three

  • Scoop poop out of child’s pants.  Bleach child’s pants.
  • Scrape bouncing poop off of my big toe.  Bleach toe.
  • Meet with startup regarding possible job opportunity.
  • Participate in 1 hour call in my brand new role as a VP on the Board of a local non-profit after kids are asleep (aka during what I thought would be my “me time”).
  • Wonder why I still have meetings and appointments and less downtime than if I were at the office.

Day Four

  • Scrape poop off of floor.  Bleach floor.
  • Take kids to doctor and then to buy them new shoes.
  • Participate in another 1 hour evening call for the non-profit gig during my “me time.”
  • Wonder why I have had two days and two evenings in a row dedicated to things/people other than me when this is supposed to be my “time off.”

Day Five

  • Scrape poop off my forearm.  Bleach forearm.
  • Spend the morning reviewing documents and answering e-mails for the new-but-now-getting-old-supposed-to-help-me-fill-my-supposed-free-time-non-profit-gig.
  • Wonder why these children poop so much and why it doesn’t land in a diaper or the potty.

Day Six

  • Escape to a wine country wedding without the kids.
  • Someone escapes with my iPhone.
  • Wine obliterates the capacity to wonder about anything.

Day Seven

  • Try to avoid cleaning any dirty diapers, but end up having to get rid of mouse droppings.  Prefer cleaning the kids’ poop.
  • Mourn the loss of two years of photos and videos of the kids.
  • Wonder why I have less time for myself when I’m not even working. Wonder whether I should consider going back to work again in the near future. Wonder if I started working again, would I have more time to blog. Wonder why blogging helped me make the decision to stay at home, but now that I’m home, I can barely get a post together or participate in any link parties. Almost wonder why I quit my job to stay-at-home … but don’t:

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