{Play} Water Painting

September 10, 2011 in All Posts, Play, Toddler Activities

Okay, so technically, today isn’t Thursday, but at our house, we live on toddler time, so any day goes!

Now, what you’re about to witness is nothing short of a miracle of miracles . . . 

Jane and Sam actually playing together – art play no less – and not fighting each other to the death.  I couldn’t believe it!  Water painting is now my favorite art activity hands down.

The (other) best things about this activity:

  • All you need is a paintbrush and water
  • There’s absolutely no mess
  • It’s hours of entertainment since kids and water are notoriously inseparable

We started out with painting the deck.  Then Jane moved to painting pieces of colored construction paper.

And Sam – of course – moved to drinking the “paint.”

If you’re like us and have a hard time finding activities suitable for both your young-still-puts-everything-in-his-mouth-toddler and older toddler, this is the perfect activity.  Another great idea:  use edible paints like these puff and edible paint recipes from toddler tastes or this edible paint recipe from hands on : as we grow.

LEARN!  Fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, balancing and holding objects, imaginative play

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