{Play} Rainbow Squares Activity

September 22, 2011 in All Posts, Play, Toddler Activities

One bright spring morning earlier this year, I was driving in to work when I looked up and saw the most magnificent full arch rainbow in all its bright technicolor splendor.  At the same time, Lionel Richie was playing on the radio in the background. Like Cher in Clueless, I realized in that moment that I love Josh! rainbows and Lionel Richie.  I am totally butt crazy in love with rainbows and Lionel Richie!

Enough about me — on to our Rainbow Squares Activity.


  • construction paper
  • cotton squares
  • glue
  • scissors
  • dirt on your toddler’s hands and fingernails is completely optional
  • rainbow shirt, socks and mat also optional

Step 1

Draw the outline of a rainbow on a piece of white paper.

Step 2

Cut – or have your toddler cut – squares of colored construction paper.  Note:  you could also use colored tissue paper.

Step 3

Glue down the squares to form the rainbow.

This was Jane’s favorite part!

If your toddler, like Jane, is too young to understand the ROYGBIV pattern of a rainbow in terms of making it come together with the paper squares, let him put down the squares as he sees fit.  The point of the activity is just to introduce the idea of creating a mosaic or pattern.

Step 4

Glue down the cotton pads to make clouds.

You could also do this activity with cotton balls and paper circles, or any other shapes your toddler is interested in.

If you need more rainbow art, craft and recipe inspiration, visit The Outlaw Mom’s Rainbow board on Pinterest here.

Happy Rainbow-making!

LEARN! Fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, scissor cutting, gluing, conceptualizing, planning, colors, shapes

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