{Craft} Five Fresh Fall Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

October 18, 2011 in All Posts, Celebrate, DIY, Play

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with good old fashioned carving when it comes to creating your jack o’lanterns for Halloween, but for a little twist on your old orange standby, here are five fresh pumpkin decorating ideas to try:

The Ribbon Pumpkin

Use self-adhesive ribbon to wrap up a pretty little pumpkin!  Start at the top of your pumpkin and pull the ribbon taut towards the bottom, following the pumpkin’s grooves.  Use a leftover piece of ribbon to decorate the stem.

The Glitter Pumpkin

Who says Halloween can’t be a glitz and glamour holiday?  Glue on sequins or rhinestones – or save time with self-adhesive ones – and bling out your pumpkin!

The Painted Pumpkin

Grab a paintbrush and go to town!  See how we did it here.

The Sticker Pumpkin

Another fun way to jazz up your orange orb:  glitter stickers!

The Pumpkin Vase

When is a pumpkin not just a plain old jack o’lantern?  When it’s a vase filled with beautiful dried flowers.

Here’s how to make your own vase:

  • Scoop your pumpkin out clean.
  • Let it dry and then fill it with arranged dried flowers.  If you don’t have time to let your pumpkin dry, just stick the flower stems into a plastic bag inside the pumpkin.

Other ideas:  Fresh flowers would work great, too!  Just add a little bowl of water inside your pumpkin.  You can also paint, beribbon, sequin or otherwise glitz up your pumpkin vase.

And have you seen the beautiful black lace stocking pumpkin and silver sequin spider web pumpkins all over Pinterest?  They would be super easy to do, too!

Happy Decorating!

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