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October 24, 2011 in All Posts, Parenting, Sponsored Posts

I stopped drinking all forms of caffeine during my two years of service as a human incubator.  But as soon as Sam popped out and I literally became a walking zombie with two under two, I started unabashedly quaffing all forms of the legal liquid stimulant.

Before kids, I wasn’t picky about my coffee.  I could drink any brew, even the unpalatably watery there’s-no-way-this-could-pass-as-coffee stuff.  After my children were born, something inside my caffeine-fueled brain clicked and I’m now exceedingly picky about my cuppa:

  1. The coffee has to smell as good as it tastes.
  2. I’d rather drink gasoline than watery or grainy coffee.
  3. I can no longer stand the adulteration of my coffee with any sweeteners other than milk – preferably soy.
  4. The coffee has to be at the perfect piping hot temperature.

When the opportunity to try Peet’s Cafe Solano or Cafe Domingo medium-bodied roasts came up, I jumped at the chance!  I love the standard Peet’s roasts (like Major Dickason’s and the French Roast), but I’d never tried one of these medium-bodied blends or taken them home to brew on my own.  I also jumped at the challenge of turning my non-brand loyal coffee drinking mom into a Peet’s fan and switching my husband’s usual dark french roast for something new.

I took my mom with me on my Peet’s shop at Draeger’s Los Altos.  She couldn’t wait until we got home and grabbed a free cup of illy coffee at the store!

I tried to stop her.  I really did!  But, she was unstoppable.

I asked her how it tasted.  “Well, it’s what everyone in Japan drank when I was there.”

The next aisle down we found the Peet’s Coffee stand and took what seemed like an hour to decide between the Cafe Solano and Cafe Domingo blends.  In the end, Africa won out over South America and we settled on the “Lively and Aromatic” Cafe Solano blend.  (The Cafe Domingo description of “Smooth, Balanced and Medium-Bodied” just didn’t sound exciting enough for us).

Once we got home, thinking that my mom wouldn’t want another cup of coffee right after just having one at the store, I only brewed one cup for myself and offered to make her some the next day.

She grabbed my cup – like I said, unstoppable – and took a swig.  “Now that’s coffee!” she exclaimed, and then promptly absconded with my cup before I could even protest.  Apparently the illy’s was “not coffee,” but the Peet’s Cafe Solano, on the other hand, was the “real deal.”

Score One!

The next on my list was Hubby.  For him, I did a secret switcheroo later that evening, but of course, dolled his up with brown sugar and frothed milk from his beloved Nespresso Aeroccino.


His reaction?  “Wow.”

Score again!

My verdict?

I was skeptical at first.  Medium bodied just didn’t sound like my style and I feared it would fall short of my newly raised coffee bar, especially its ability to pack a strong enough flavor punch.

At first black sip, I noticed it was different than my usual dark roast faves, but it was dee-lish for sure!  It actually is quite aromatic, as advertised.  And much more flavorful than I thought it would be for a medium roast.  It went well with my beloved soy milk, so I’ll definitely be drinking this lively blend for some variety!

Tempted to try some of this delicious brew?  Get your coupon for $3 off here and taste the delicious difference for yourself!

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Disclaimer:  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias.  This does not mean that I was told what to write by the sponsor(s) nor does it mean that the sponsor(s) wrote this post and I merely copied it onto my blog.  The content of this post was created entirely by me and consists solely of my own unbiased opinions and/or thoughts, but I’m sure you could already tell!

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