{Celebrate} Candy-Filled Halloween Eggs

October 31, 2011 in All Posts, Bake, Celebrate

I have my flaming orange waist-length wig and witch’s garb and am so ready to hit the streets tonight for some trick-or-treating!  Too bad I won’t be eligible for any of the candy since I’m a grown up – although, that’s probably a good thing if I want to win this competition.

I’m still nostalgic for those trick-or-treating days.  Besides dressing up in fancy costumes my mother handmade, the other memory that sticks out was having to break apart each and every candy bar in our loot bags and letting my parents inspect each one before we dug in.

Where’s the fun in that?

My solution:  Candy-Filled Halloween Eggs that require you to smash them open before you eat them!

Remember these pretty Candy-Filled Easter Eggs?

Well, I made them again.

This time in green, purple and orange for Halloween!

I dressed them up with leftover self-adhesive ribbon from our Ribbon Pumpkins and some cute little mini-cupcake liners.  Then I filled them up with Reese’s Pieces, orange and black M&M’s, and tangerine and licorice Jelly Bellies.

Get the detailed instructions and my tips and tricks here.

Did your parents look for razor blades inside your Halloween candy bars? Are you going to break into your kids’ candy stash tonight to check for dangerous objects?

Have a safe and fun-filled Halloween!

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