{Play} Fun With Candy! Making Candy Patterns

November 9, 2011 in All Posts, Fun With Food!, Play, Toddler Activities

I’ve heard from a lot of my mom friends that they’ve instituted one-week and two-week Halloween candy rules, as in, you can eat all you want (or one piece a day) for a week and then it’s all getting thrown out.  In our house, I instituted a one-hour rule, because really, does a 2.75 year old ever need to be stuffing her belly full of Kit Kats or does a 17 month old need to be gluing the few teeth he has together with Laffy Taffy?  (I know you thought that’s what I might actually be feeding them, but no, it’s not true).

After I carefully inspected all the candy for razor blades, I threw out everything they couldn’t gobble up and saved the ones I thought we might be able to play with.  You know we’re a fan of playing with our food around here!

The m&ms were perfect for making patterns, which Jane has really been into lately.


  • any candy that can be glued (we had m&ms and jelly bellys on hand)
  • a paper plate
  • glue

Step 1

Set out the candy in a nearby dish and provide your toddler with a paper plate and glue.

Step 2

Have her squeeze glue onto the plate.

And more glue!

Step 3

Then let her play around with the candy and create a pattern.

We only had two colors, but you could get into more complicated, intricate patterns if you had a bigger assortment.

Jane decided she would put together her own black and orange patterned “snake.”

She discovered on her own that eating the candy that already had glue on it wasn’t a great idea, so I didn’t worry about that, but you might want to supervise your little one just in case!

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