{Play} Crayon Bowling

November 29, 2011 in All Posts, Play, Toddler Activities

We’ve been indoors so much lately and the cabin fever is starting to set in.  While it seems like Jane would love to color until the end of time, we seem to reach that point more quickly if that’s all we’re doing.  So we grabbed our crayons and turned them into bowling pins!


  • Avocado seed (or other small, round object or ball)
  • Crayola Jumbo Crayons (an older child could use the smaller-sized crayons)

How to Play

Have your toddler set up the crayon “pins,” and then let her knock them down with her avocado seed “ball”!

I had to demonstrate how to throw the avocado seed like a bowling ball to Jane since she wasn’t used to the throw, roll and release motion, but she quickly caught on and tried out several different techniques until she found the one she was most comfortable with.

This is a great activity to practice patience and the concept of repeated effort.  Jane would get frustrated that the pins wouldn’t stay up, but would keep trying because the sense of accomplishment when she had all the crayons in place was incredible.

And though it took a while for her to hone her aiming skills, when she began to knock down strikes, you could not contain the screams of achievement!

Eventually, we had to let Sam in on the fun and set up our IQ Baby Knock-Knock Blocks as the pins and used balls from our Little Tikes TotSports T-Ball Set.

Happy Bowling!

LEARN!  Fine motor skills, gross motor skills, patience, concentration, repeated effort, hand-eye coordination

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