{Celebrate} Homemade For The Holidays | Menorah Handprints

December 8, 2011 in All Posts, Celebrate, Play, Toddler Activities

Here’s a super easy Hannukah gift that your child can make in just a few minutes.  Jane made them as teacher’s gifts.



  • Blue and yellow paint (or any other colors you wish)
  • Paper

Step 1

Using the blue paint, have your toddler make a handprint with each of her hands, with the thumbs touching each other.

Step 2

Then have her use the tip of her finger to make the candle flames with the yellow paint.

That’s it!

Ours didn’t quite come out as beautifully as this:

Source: momendeavors.com via Jody on Pinterest

but Jane had fun making her gifts.

I love her abstract rendition that simply alludes to the object, don’t you?

Next year, I think she’ll be able to coordinate her hands to make the menorah shape, but I didn’t want to press them down for her so she felt she had to do it a certain way.  Plus, there’s no way she would have let me do that even if I tried!

Happy Holidays!

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