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December 22, 2011 in All Posts, Celebrate, Play, Toddler Activities

I’m so excited to be sharing with you the activity for Day 23 of the Creative Christmas Countdown:  Play A Card Game!


One of Jane’s favorite games is the iPhone Toy Story 3 Memory App.  She’s already mastered the Easy Level and isn’t fazed at all by the Medium Level.  To break her away from an electronic device and get her in tune with the holiday spirit and family togetherness time, I came up with a simple homemade version of the classic game, Memory.

This game is so easy to set up and it’s great to keep your children occupied if you’re wrapping last minute gifts or for you to play with them and enjoy some together time.


  • Photos (You can either use old photos you have lying around or you can print out photos on any kind of paper with your printer – just be sure you have two copies of each photo)
  • Scissors
  • Optional:  cardstock, wrapping paper, your child’s old drawings, or construction paper
  • Optional:  laminator or contact paper
  • Optional:  pen for writing on the backs of the photos

Step 1

I just selected a few photos on our computer and printed them on cardstock using the “Contact Sheet” option, so I could fit several on one page.  You could use old photos you already have in the house or have the photos professionally printed – just make sure you have two of every photo.  (This is a matching game, after all!).

Step 2

I wasn’t meticulous about printing or cutting equal-sized photos, but you might want to use all horizontal or all vertical photos of the same size and use a ruler if you really want perfect squares or rectangles.

Step 3


Make easy and advanced versions or spruce up your cards!

I made four sets of playing cards.

  • One set (pictured above) was just the photos printed on cardstock.  Super easy, super fast.
  • I spruced up a second set by adding a pretty cardstock backing and then laminating the cards.

  • The third set was color coded so my son (19 months) could play, too.  He looked for matching color pairs to find the matching photo pairs.

  • If you have an older child who can recognize or read words, this fourth set using family members’ names or descriptions (mother, father, sister, etc.) would be great.

Jane was so excited to open her little packet of cards after Sam went to bed!  She loved setting them all out and turning them over for a smiling surprise of her family members on each card.  After she matched all the pairs, she kept playing with the cards, identifying everyone in our family and telling a little story about each person.

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Happy Holidays!

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