{Play} Bathtub Painting

January 9, 2012 in All Posts, Play, Toddler Activities

On the days when the screeching and screaming won’t stop, the t.v. no longer holds their interest, Hubby’s not home to help me round up the rebels, and I just really really really want to get rid of them, I throw Jane and Sam in the bathtub with some shaving foam and a few drops of food coloring…

… and instantly, I have almost 30 minutes of uninterrupted silence.  (Shrieks of delight and irrepressible giggles count as silence to me).


  • Shaving foam
  • Food coloring
  • optional:  Paintbrushes

Step 1

Squirt some shaving foam into little piles.  (Try to get something unscented and as kid skin-friendly as possible).

Step 2

Add a few drops of food coloring.  

I was paranoid about contact with the dye at first, so just did a drop or two.  But now I squirt a little more liberally so they can get a really vibrant effect.

Step 3

Throw the buggers in with their paintbrushes.

They’ll love just using their hands,

and their feet, too!

Step 4

Lie down on the couch for half an hour until it’s time to hose them down with the shower head.  Then fill the bath up with clean, clear water, and you’re good for at least another 20 minutes while they wipe the shaving foam off the walls with washcloths or use their brushes for some Water Painting.


1) Shaving foam in the bath is super slippery!  Have your kiddos sit down to prevent painful accidents.  Or just supervise well.

2) If you choose not to supervise, you might find your children like this:

or this:

Happy Painting!

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