{Play} Valentine’s Day | Fun With Jello!

January 17, 2012 in All Posts, Fun With Food!, Play, Toddler Activities

In the middle of all our Valentine’s Day crafting madness, both kids came down with their first stomach bug, so the posts have been slow as of late.  The good news is that we discovered a new sensory play activity for our Fun With Food! series.


  • 2 packets of Jello
  • water
  • 13 x 9 pan
  • heart-shaped cookie cutters

Step 1

Make Jello Jigglers according to the recipe on the Jello box.

Step 2

After the jello has set, cut out hearts with your cookie cutters.  Make sure to keep your scraps!

Step 3


The kids hadn’t smiled for a few days, so when Jane picked up the first heart and smiled, my heart smiled!

She loved touching, peeling, and poking the jiggly material.  But her favorite activity was stacking up all the hearts together.

Of course, Sam’s favorite part was eating the hearts!

LEARN!  Material manipulation, sensory play

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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