{Celebrate} Cocktail-Themed Bachelorette Party

January 23, 2012 in All Posts, Celebrate, DIY

Yes, I know as a 36 year old mother of two, I am too old to be planning a Cocktail – more precisely, ShotThemed Bachelorette Party, but sometimes, you have to learn the hard way.  And trust me, we all did.  Especially the Bachelorette, who cancelled the Sunday morning brunch due to … uh … illness.

The thing is, you see, in our younger, braver, harder partying, days, this particular friend of mine was infamous for gliding up to the bar at least once a night and yelling, “SHOTS!” – usually at a time when nobody needed any such thing.  So in a sense, this was a friendly tribute to our good time days.  And in a sense, it was payback.  Unfortunately, we all paid.  A little too much.

Except, maybe for those of us who were pregnant or had newborns waiting at home after our night of shots at the hotel, margaritas at dinner, and vodka cocktails at the club.  Sound like a bunch of bad moms?  I say a bunch of super troopers who are the best friends the Bachelorette could ever have!

Since my friend, J, and I have been long gone from the City, we entrusted the logistics and planning to another pair of friends, and the two of us tackled the decor and shot details.

The oddest thing inspired the colors:  my daughter’s fuschia and bright orange pencil sharpener:

When we spotted some orange chevron plates and silver napkins, the fuschia, orange, silver color scheme was born!

Using Elmer’s glue dots, we attached bright raffia ribbon to clear shot glasses and wound them around for a spiraled stripe effect to complement the chevron pattern.

We also lined the backdrop with glittery silver striped ribbon to stick with the theme.  Since it was a week before Christmas, we used round and heart-shaped plastic ornaments decorated with sticky glitter felt for a twist on the traditional bunting:We strung the ornaments on raffia ribbon and tied the garlands to an Elmer’s foam board that I had drilled holes into.  We also added a few small ball ornaments and two pairs of orange and fuschia panties.  (One of the games we planned to play was The Panty Game, so this was fitting).

On the night of the party, we enjoyed Sparkling Pomegranate Shots made with sparkling pomegranate soda and vodka.  I could share a “recipe” with you, but it was really just J and I pouring everything into a large pitcher and tasting as we went along!  Mind you, this was after a few glasses of wine.  Because nothing is a better aperitif for shots than wine.

The perfect pairing for Sparkling Pomegranate Shots?  Chocolate Salty Balls, of course.  (Recipe coming soon!)

Oh come on, you’ve seen this, haven’t you?

For kicks, we threw in a few Lingerie Cookies, too!

I could give you a recap of the night, but for the sake of our upstanding/professional/motherly reputations, let’s just leave it with one moment:

Phone rings.

“Oh, hi, Hubby.”

“Yes, I’m having fun.”

“The kids are in bed?  That’s great.”

“Oh, you know, just drinking wine out of a sippy cup on a shuttle bus, headed for a place called ‘Harlot.'”

All in all it was a great night, but I do declare – aside from the baking and crafting – I am officially too old for this!

P.S. – Wine out of a sippy cup is pretty disgusting.  (As in it doesn’t taste good, not that it’s not in good taste.  Which it might be, but that wasn’t my point).

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