{Live} Bye For Now + Raspberry Milk & Love Coasters

February 8, 2012 in All Posts, DIY

If you can believe it – I can’t – I’m off on holiday WITHOUT the kids.  I’m going on about the 20th breakdown for the week, missing them so utterly madly, even though I’m still here.  But, it’s a well-needed rest and an opportunity that won’t come around for many years more, so here I go . . .

But before I leave you, just one last Valentine’s Day idea.  Okay, it’s actually two.  I realize that almost all my posts of 2012 have been heart or kid-related, but well, I’ve been extra sentimental these weeks leading up to my trip.

Raspberry “I Love You” Milk


  • milk
  • frozen raspberries
  • cup + straw

How To

Pour a glass of milk.  Top with frozen raspberries.  Add a straw.  Enjoy!

As the raspberries thaw, your little one can stir or mash them a bit to color the milk.

Love Coasters

Raspberry Milk would sit pretty and perfectly on these Love Coasters, don’t you think?  Tutorial when I get back here!They look familiar, don’t they? We made the hearts here.





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