{Live} My Trip to Paradise

February 28, 2012 in All Posts, Parenting

I never thought I would say this, but I left my kids and loved every minute of it!  Now, you know that I miss my kids even when I run to the grocery store without them, so this was a big surprise for me.  But to be perfectly honest, a full ten days without them or any responsibilities was pure bliss.

I was having on the verge of a nervous breakdown before I left, but once I sat down in that upright seat, staring at the tray table in front of me, I completely relaxed before getting ridiculously giddy about my grand escape!

I completely unplugged, and have stayed that way for the past week, while catching up with the kiddos and on all the changes Hubby made while I was away (like getting the kids to share the same room!).  So, it’s been slow going getting back into blogland, but I have managed to get a few photos together.  Funnily, they’re all basically about one thing – my favorite thing to do in Thailand …


This was one of the best restaurants we went to this trip.

We didn’t eat the puffers or horseshoe crab, but had great prawns and Pla Chon Talay at this fish farm/restaurant situated on a river in Krabi.

More Seafood


Guay Tiew



Pickled Tastiness

Fried Goodness

Green Worm Dessert (Uncle B’s fave)

What’s that?  How were the kids, you ask?  Oh those little buggers.  Well, they were – as Granny likes to say – “happy as Larry” – with their paternal grandparents staying at our place.  And with me out of the way, Hubby happily made all the changes to our home that I wouldn’t have let happen or would have taken a few months to do … like putting the kids in one room (which he did the day after I left!) and clearing out our pantry (which happened to include my huge collection of apple juice bottle caps for a fantastic activity I had planned for the kids).

I also went ahead with my 10 Days Of I Love You Project for Jane, even though it went a little differently than I had planned.  

Well, now I guess it’s back to the “grind”!  I still owe you some posts, so stay tuned …

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