{Play} Eight Indoor Hopscotch Activities

March 8, 2012 in All Posts, Play, Toddler Activities

The game of hopscotch has been around for ages.  We played it as kids, our parents played it, our parents’ parents played it.  It’s fun.  It’s active.  And it’s as much a required childhood activity as jumping rope and patty cake.  But what to do when the weather’s wet, windy, or too cold?  Here are eight fun Indoor Hopscotch Activities you can try while waiting for Spring to … well … spring.

1. Numbers:  Play traditional hopscotch with numbers

2. Letters:  Play hopscotch with letters

3. Shapes:  Play hopscotch with shapes

4. Colors:  Play hopscotch with colors (If you’re playing the DIY version, just use colored construction paper taped to the floor.)

5. Family:  Like our Family Memory Game, use photos of family members.  (To make things more difficult, have your child hop on the picture of his uncle, then hop to the word “uncle” spelled out on another piece of paper).

6. Spelling:  Same as Number 5 above, except use pictures of an apple and the spelled out word “apple,” for example.

7. Open Grid: Set up your grid in a haphazard pattern instead of a perfect grid to encourage diagonal movement and big jumps.

8. Island Hop: Pretend your hopscotch mats are islands and go island hopping like we did for 30 Days To Hands On Play (beware the sharks!)

The great thing about this activity is your child can be involved from start to finish, and you can DIY the materials.  Plus, you’ll be keeping your kiddo active!


 If you don’t have foam mats already at home, just DIY using

  • Plain paper
  • Markers, stickers, or colored construction paper
  • Optional:  scissors; glue; tape

You or your child can draw numbers, letters, or shapes onto pieces of paper and tape them to the floor.  Or, you can cut out the numbers, letters, and shapes and glue them onto another piece of plain paper.

Your child can make up the rules or you can make them up together.  The point is to get your child hopping!  Jane loved setting up the rules and mats for our game and then Jane and Sam hopped to their hearts’ content.

Happy Hopping!

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