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March 13, 2012 in All Posts

We went on a hunt for a Skinny Cow Shake-Stir Ice Cream Shake to try for the first time, but couldn’t find one at the nearby Target.  So the very next morning, bright and early, we set out for another Target a little farther away.

We landed in Target Nirvana.

Complete with an elevator, Starbucks, and rows and rows of frozen confections (each one of the pictures below is its own ice cream freezer!):

we were sure to find the Stir Shake here.

We came close

but no cigar.

So, we settled on a healthy breakfast of cheese pizza, a grande coffee with soymilk, and popsicles in the food court.  (I had my wits about me since we had just visited a Target the day before, so luckily I didn’t get sucked into the Target vortex.)

And so our story ends.

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