{Play} Cup & Ball Toss

March 23, 2012 in All Posts, Play, Toddler Activities

Yes, this is a kid-friendly blog with ideas for preschooler and toddler play.

Yes, I realize the dangers of adolescent drinking.

Yes, I know I have a sometimes adolescent sense of humor.

No, I did not tell my daughter she was learning how to play Beer Pong.

No, beer was not consumed during this activity.

Yes, I do think that building her fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in this activity now will help her with socialization and team-building skills in the future.

Yes, that was a joke.


How To

Seriously, this was a really great activity that Jane was consumed with for over half an hour.  Just setting up different cup configurations was fun for her and when she finally figured out she could make patterns with stacked cups, her imagination really took off.  Throwing the ball into the cups was an added bonus.  And while she was less confident with her aiming abilities at the beginning, after a while she really got into it and she turned it into a “game.”  (I didn’t tell her we were playing a game, but just put the cups and balls out and showed her that you could toss a ball into a cup while she was stacking).

LEARN! Fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, concentration

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