{Craft} DIY Personalized Drink Charms

March 28, 2012 in All Posts, Celebrate, DIY

Here’s the final DIY party decor post from Hubby’s Curry, Cake & A Keg 40th birthday party:  Personalized Wine + Beer Charms!

When we saw the rows of glasses lined up on the table on the day before the party, it dawned on us that we didn’t have any wine charms or another way for people to identify their drinks.  Since we were using glasses instead of plastic cups, we couldn’t attach adhesive labels – unless we wanted to be peeling them off for weeks to come – so I had to think of an alternative. I thought of going out to buy a couple different sets of wine charms, but didn’t want mismatched, cheesy charms that we wouldn’t want to use after the party.

Luckily, when I was at Michael’s the night before, I had seen a bag of cool little copper circles on clearance and picked them up for future crafting.  I also had leftover circle labels from making the DIY Personalized Bottle Caps.  With leftover flower wire from this project, the idea for this project came together like that!

Tip:  If you can’t find similar copper circles, just use two labels.

Rather than wasting precious party prep time making one for each guest separately, we set up a station for guests to do it themselves.

Well after three separate posts on the party decor, here are some photos of the actual party.  You can see I used the Homemade Tissue Paper Tile Coasters as food labels as well.

The cake is a – pretty darn good – replica of Hubby’s prized Santa Cruz guitar!

DIY Decor For A Drink-Themed Party


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