{Celebrate} Rainy Day Popcorn Party

April 17, 2012 in All Posts, Celebrate

I mentioned it was a slow week last week, but I didn’t dare drag you down into the boring details, because that’s not why you’re here visiting in happy, shiny blogland, is it?  Plus, there wasn’t much to tell, other than we had a week of dreary weather, too much inside play, and a serious lack of energy.  But party girl that I am, I tried livening up the mood during one of our dull afternoons with lots of snuggling in a cozy bed with a movie and popcorn.

But not just any bowl of popcorn … super sunny special popcorn, fit for a Popcorn Party!

Jane helped measure out the kernels and then we listened to the popping with our eyes closed.  

That perked up our mood instantly and was a fun aural sensory experience.

When our batch had popped, I tore out a sheet of bright cardstock imprinted with the words, “Sunny Days,” lined it with wax paper, and rolled it up into a cone.

We filled our cones with fresh popcorn and headed straight into bed and under the covers.  Jane munched on plain and I enjoyed a savory combo of Rosemary + Mint, with a dash of salt and pepper.

For a little while, we forgot our rainy moods and the sun shone for us.

What do you do to brighten up your dreary days?

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