{Live} 100+ Screen Free Week Ideas

April 29, 2012 in All Posts, Parenting, Play, Toddler Activities

We’re not going screen free, but perhaps you are? If so, here are some ideas (10 for you and 100+ for the kids) to get you through the extra hours in your day this week:

For The Kids

1. Try one of these 30 Active Indoor Activities

2. Try one of these 100+ Rainbow-related Activities

the best kids' rainbow art, eats & activities

3. Throw a Baby & Toddler Book Club

4. Paint With Colorful Ice Cubes

5. Go To The Park

6. Visit Your Local Library

7. Create and Play a DIY Memory Game

8. Write Your Own Stories

9. Visit With or Invite Grandparents Over

10. Just Enjoy Free Play

For You

  1. Read a paper book
  2. Cook or bake from a recipe book
  3. Go for a run, bike ride or swim outside
  4. Make something that requires immediate focus (like a yarn wreath or yarn wrapped letters)  
  5. Make a list of your personal goals
  6. Clean out that drawer you’ve been meaning to get to
  7. Garden
  8. Have a screen-free in-home “date” with your partner
  9. Meditate
  10. Nap


If you’re wondering why we’re not going Screen Free, it’s because at our house, we use T.V., not the other way around. We have ample opportunities to get out and play, read, and spend unplugged family moments, so we don’t feel the need to eliminate the television, computer, or other electronic entertainment devices from our lives as a general rule.

For me, personally, though, I do feel the need to unplug from blogging a bit. There are ten thousands things I could be doing at once that are associated with blogging (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Triberr, Google+, commenting, writing content, working with sponsors, e-mails, editing photos, catching up on my to-do list), and I’d rather be spending some of that time and brainspace doing other things. So, I am scheduling some posts for this week, but setting limits for myself in terms of social networking, reading blogs, etc.

Are you going Screen Free? Are you happy about it or scared? Have you come up with a modified schedule or how are you making it fit for you life?


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