{Live} Tips For Negotiating Your Maternity Leave in California and Elsewhere

May 1, 2012 in All Posts, Parenting

There are enough things to worry about when you’re pregnant, being bogged down with the intricacies of when and how you can take maternity leave – and whether you’ll get paid during that time – shouldn’t be one of them.

I’m pleased to bring you The Facts About Maternity Leave, an article published in the Palo Alto Menlo Park Parents’ Club‘s online newsletter today. Pop on over to get a few basic facts and tips before you go to your supervisor to negotiate the terms of your leave.how to negotiate maternity leave terms with your employer

Yes, I said NEGOTIATE.  Everything in life is negotiable, including death, taxes, and maternity leave. Come find out how to maximize your disability, recovery, and newborn bonding time and learn how to be your own advocate in this tricky process.  I used these tips myself to successfully spearhead changes to my firm’s outdated maternity policy, extend my paid leave time, and bargain for flexible work arrangements.

Click the hyperlinks above or here to read the article. Palo Alto Menlo Park Parents' ClubAnd check out PAMP, a great parents’ resource.

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