{Play} Sensory Activities For Little Piggies

Remember that sensory play post I told you about a few weeks back that I wrote for Childhood Beckons? Well, here it is in full!

At our house we have a lot of fun with sensory activities, like playing and learning with rainbow rice, baking, and kneading playdough. Most of the time, we are concentrating on feeling and experiencing the different textures with our hands and maybe smelling or tasting things — but our poor feet don’t get much time to play!

As adults, I think it’s easy to forget how nice it feels to wriggle our toes in something squishy or new for the first time, since we spend much of our days in shoes. My daughter always coaxes me into taking off my shoes at the playground sandbox, by earnestly inquiring, “Don’t you want to feel the sand in your toes?”

If you’re looking for a few ways to incorporate your little ones’ toes into your regular sensory play, here a few activities we enjoy that we’d love to share with you (the titles & photos are clickable if you want to see more about our activity):

Playing In Bowls Of Waterchild's feet in bowls of water

Running Over Bubble Wrapchild's feet standing on bubble wrap

Letting Our Feet Do The Cookingchild's feet in cooking batter

Squishing Playdoughchild walking on playdough

Walking In Beanschild standing in beans

Jumping In Homemade Mudchildren's feet in mud

Painting With Shaving Foamchild's feet in colored shaving foam

What are some of the ways you incorporate your little ones’ piggies into your sensory play? 

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