{Play} Tinkerlab Challenge #10 | Flower & Bead Wire Bracelet

It’s time for Tinkerlab’s Creative Challenge #10!

tinkerlab challenge #10

Rachelle‘s challenge this time around was all about flowers.

I had envisioned a contact paper flower collage or some kind of glued flower medley, but as things normally go around here: I am not in charge.

So, I followed Jane out to the “garden” with some scissors to collect a few specimens.

Jane’s been cutting with safety scissors since she was about two, so I let her have a lot of supervised freedom at three and a quarter years old. (I’ve got a scissor cutting post coming up soon…)

girl cutting flowersWe visited the few meager flowers left in our insect-ravaged, almost barren back garden, and Jane snipped the last few remaining ones we have.

She had a fever, so this brief trip into the fresh air was enough to revive her, and then tire her out.girl sleeping

After she woke, we played around with the flowers, and she decided she liked plucking the petals the best.

Still, we didn’t have a craft or project in mind, so we left the petals lying on our kitchen table for a while.

Later on, Jane discovered some leftover materials from our Flowers of Hope Wreaths that we made for the Small Hands Creating Hope project…

… and the Flower & Bead Wire Bracelet was born.how to make a flower and bead wire bracelet

They’re a bit like Jane’s first bead and wire bracelet that she made without me even knowing she had a little project of her own underway – except she threaded flower petals in with the beads.

I love how they turned out!

Come see what all the flower fun is about and join us in this children’s creativity challenge!

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