{Live} Safe Fun In The Sun With GrUVyWear

If you know me in real life, you know that I am pretty fanatical about sunscreen and wearing protective clothing to keep myself out of the sun’s harmful rays.  I’ve been known to wear overalls or be covered head to toe on the beach to “lie out” with my friends.

I’ve always been that way.  I grew up as a swimmer doing double day workouts in the hot California sun and remember slathering myself with the highest SPF around before practices.  My mom always reminded me that sun damage is cumulative, and in many cases irreversible, so I was always careful about my own sun exposure growing up.

To this day, I even wear SPF at night.

That might sound a little crazy, but when it comes to my kids, especially since they have much fairer skin than I do, I’m willing to do as much as it takes to make sure their tender bodies are protected from harmful rays.  I don’t slather them in sunscreen before they go to bed (I reserve the really crazy antics for myself), but I do make sure they are covered up adequately with sunscreen or physical blocks, like UV protective clothing, when they’re out having fun in the hot hot California sun.

I was really excited to try out GrUVyWear‘s sun protective swim suits since they boast a UPF of 50+ and block almost 98% of UV rays.

The size XS/4 fit my 30ish pound, 3-foot two year old well, with some room to grow throughout the summer.  He’s on the bigger side, so I would imagine this size would work well for a three or four year old.  In fact, my three year old, who weighs the same and is a few inches taller can fit into it.

What I LOVED was that the outfit is two pieces, so that

  1. You can get the perfect fit;
  2. You can mix and match colors and patterns; and
  3. Diaper changes are much easier than unsnapping full piece suits

Another great feature was ease of movement.  

Sam had no trouble getting in and out of the pool, getting into splash fights, swimming and jumping around, or basically running riot poolside.

If you’d like to try out GrUVyWear‘s swim outfits for yourself, use our special code: SAVE1515 for 15% off your GrUVyWear purchase through July 15th!

GrUVyWear Swim Outfits:

  • Offer a 50+ UPF
  • Block out 97.5% of the sun’s harmful rays
  • Made from a breathable quick drying lycra nylon blend
  • Comfortable design so they can be worn all day for added protection
  • Made in the USA with the highest quality standards

Some of my faves include a sweet dotty infant one-piece, a dragon decal shirt, a rhinestone long sleeve shirt, and a sweet Hawaiian flower matching top and skirt:

They also have adult sizes, headbands, and hats, so be sure to check out GrUVyWear for cute and SAFE options for fun in the sun!


Disclaimer:  I received the GrUVyWear swim outfit pictured on Sam in this post for free. As always, all opinions expressed are my own, as I’m sure you could tell.


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