{Live} Ten Things My Children Have Taught Me

July 15, 2012 in All Posts, Laugh

They say that children teach us, not the other way around.  Whoever they are -they were right.

If it weren’t for my kids, I would never have learned to:

1) Perfect pretending perfection.  “Of course it’s supposed to look like that, honey – I didn’t forget the wings.  Sally’s butterfly costume is post-metamorphosis, while yours is still in the chrysalis stage.”

2) Master diplomacy.  “Yes, while I said everyone in this house shares, I didn’t actually mean that you can use my things.”

3) Appreciate my body.  My daughter recently confided that when she grows up, she hopes to have “a big tummy just like you, Mommy.”

4) Think outside the box.  Like when I wonder where my son’s missing quiescently frozen treat could be, and immediately eliminate all the normal places it should be like his stomach or the garbage can, and instead check inside vases and decorative bowls that only look like fancy home decor to the untrained eye, but actually double as unfinished fudgesicle receptacles.

5) Do more with less.  No sleep tonight? That’s fine. Don’t bother sleeping through the night tomorrow either – I can take it.

6) See that “No” doesn’t always mean “No.”  As in, “No, I didn’t number two in the diaper, so you can go ahead and take it off while I’m standing up.”

7) Keep up with the times.  I once thought their grubby little hands pawing my overpriced, overpowered electronic gadgets just made my devices sticky and unusable, but the kids have discovered shortcuts and programs I didn’t even know existed.  Finally, I can fully utilize my arsenal of iProducts.

8) Stick to a routine.  I ask the kids to do something, and they say no. I get mad, and they laugh. Lather, rinse, repeat, giggle.

9) Accept whatever comes.  And quickly.  Whether it be runny, gloppy, slimy, or chunky.

10) Understand my parents.  They weren’t actually boring or strict – they were just very very tired.  More than I could ever imagine – until now. When I realize they probably were both sick and tired – of me.

Your turn! What invaluable lessons or skills have your little ones taught you?


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