Fun With Ice: Dinosaur Excavation Activity

August 22, 2012 in All Posts, Play, Toddler Activities

dinosaur ice excavation activity for kids

I’m always making pie crust promises here on the blog … I’ll show you this activity or that birthday party or this cake. This time I am NOT showing you what I promised (again), but I am going to share a super fun game we played for my son’s Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party this July.  (No, his birthday is not in July – it’s a few months earlier, but we kind of, well *forgot* to get around to it).

I saw this really fun ice excavation activity at the kids’ preschool that the teachers set up using all kinds of wiggly sea creatures.  The kids in the class loved it and I thought it was ingenious!dinosaur ice excavation activity for kids

The coolest part was using warm water in a spray bottle to melt the creatures out of the ice.

Here’s how to set up this super cool ice excavation activity with your little ones:

dinosaur ice excavation activity for kids

My daughter attacked with a spray bottle of warm water I tinted blue with neon blue food coloring: dinosaur ice excavation activity for kids

And my son scrubbed the dinosaurs free with a toothbrush:dinosaur ice excavation activity for kids

My only tip: don’t use a real hammer!dinosaur ice excavation activity for kids

Don’t worry, there were no serious injuries!

Have you tried this with other types of animals or objects? I’d love to do this again – please share your fun ideas in the comments!

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