Halloween Treats: Easy Oreo Spiders

October 10, 2012 in All Posts, Bake, Fun With Food!, Preschool, Toddler Activities

Boo! Here’s an eensy weensy super easy Halloween Treat that you and your kids can make together … or why not surprise them with this sweet Oreo Spider tucked in their lunchbox.  Just make sure they’re safely secured on their tuffets!

Halloween Treats: Easy Oreo Spiders


  • Oreos
  • Candy laces
  • Candy eyes 

If I had edible candy eyes, I would have used those instead of miniature marshmallows with a dot of black Sparkle Gel, but I tried about five different stores and they were all sold out.  Guess everyone has creepy crawly googly-eyed treats on their mind at this time of year!

Tip:  Instead of cherry flavored candy laces, you could use thin licorice ropes – even pretzels would do in a pinch.

How To

Halloween Treats: Easy Oreo Spiders

If you’re wondering why it looks like the spider is drooling, that’s some cookie frosting that got into the mix somehow…actually, the rabid look works for this spooky spider, don’t you think?


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