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Welcome to December’s Virtual Book Club For Kids blog hop!

Annie And The Wild Animals Book Review

This month we are featuring book reviews, activities, crafts, and recipes inspired by the works of children’s author and illustrator Jan Brett. (All book links, including images, are Amazon Affiliate links).

Let’s give a big YAY! for two months in a row that my kids and I really enjoyed the featured author and books we checked out at the library!

For Book Club, we chose Annie and the Wild Animals.

Annie and the Wild Animals is a relatable story about missing a pet and trying to fill that winter loneliness with a substitute, only to find that no other companion will do.  The story has a happy ending and Annie is reunited with her cat, who had disappeared to have her kittens but returns with the first spring breeze.  The illustrations are unbelievably amazingly intricate and pleasant to flip through.

My review: This book was great to read with the kids and not a bother at all when they requested it over. and over. and over. and over. again.  The theme is appropriate for little ones and I didn’t have to alter any of the language.  The only dilemma was whether to read the narrative as a script or take long breaks noticing the detailed illustrations woven into the borders on every page.

The children’s review: The kids – my 2.5 year old in particular – fell head over heels for this story.  It has been his favorite book for weeks now.  Both the kids love when the moose sticks his nose in Annie’s window and we all pretend to shake like “the little house shook.”  The illustrations really capture their imaginations and I can see them getting lost in some of the scenes.

To go along with the book, we made – of course – Corn Cakes!  Really, they were just corn muffins. I have to say (sorry, Jiffy), but you should definitely not use the Jiffy cake mix and made a homemade batch instead.  My son, who will eat everything and the packaging it comes in, wasn’t even thrilled with the “corn cakes” we made.  But, we did have a lot of fun offering the corn cakes to our plastic animal friends in a play acting session of the story.

Did you read any books by Jan Brett this month and come up with your own craft, activity, or recipe inspired by one of her books?  Please link up your post here!

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