The ABCs of Raising a Thinking Child: U through Z

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Well, here we are on the final day of the ABC’s of How to Raise a Thinking Child series with tips from U through Z today.

Thank you thank you for reading along and hanging in every day with a post on the same topic. We’ll be back to regular posting after today!

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Raising a Thinking Kid

Here are some things – starting from U through Z – that I try to be conscious of in order to Raise A Thinking Child.

Phew! Can’t believe we got through the whole alphabet!

The ABCs of Raising A Thinking Child

U is for Understanding.

If you’ve had or worked with more than one child it’s really easy to see that every child is different.  Every. Single. One.  Take the time to get to know your child’s learning style and personality quirks to better communicate an idea to her.  Even if your child has a completely different way of going about things or comes at things from a different angle than you do, understanding that fact will make it easier for you to get through to her.

V is for Variation.  

Although children thrive on routines, sometimes it’s useful to shake things up a bit so your child gets out of her comfort zone and understands that she has to be flexible under changed circumstances.  If you change up your daily routine – just by a little – it keeps your child from going through life on auto-pilot.  Do things as simple as drive a different route on the way home from school, switch up the order of your daily routine, or start a toy/activity rotation schedule.

W is for Wean.

As in weaning your child from depending solely on you to make decisions or from blindly following her peers.  Even though we want our children to do as we say, it’s more important that they think how we think.  If your child asks permission to do something, for example, ask her what she thinks about the activity or choice first.  Then talk through why it might or not might not be a good idea and let our child come to the “final” decision.  Even though you will be the ultimate decision maker, your child will have had a hand in the process and over time will learn how to engage in the decision making process on her own (based on the values you have taught her).

X is for Xenophobia.

Meaning: DISCOURAGE xenophobia, or the fear or foreign or strange people or things.  (It was hard to find a positive “X” word for this exercise!).  You don’t need to love all things, ideas, or people – and neither does your child – but modeling that you are open to learning about something new is helpful in raising a child who can think creatively and inclusively.  As I’ve said before in this series, the more exposure your child has to other cultures, philosophies, activities, and so on, the greater her bank of thought to draw on in making everyday decisions or developing her own philosophies on a given subject.

Y is for “Yes Day”.

If you’ve fallen into the rut of saying “no” to many of your child’s requests, let your child have a “Yes Day,” when she gets to make all the decisions.  She’ll feel empowered to make choices and have control over her decisions.  Plus, she’ll learn that every decision she makes has a consequence (like experiencing firsthand that it’s not always a great idea to insist on jumping straight into an unheated pool in the middle of winter even though her mother has advised it probably isn’t the best idea).  Everyone needs a Yes Day, including you!

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