Easy Sticker Snow Globe Craft

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I’ve been on a wonky posting schedule lately trying to juggle a sick family, my day job, and on and on, but I’m back today with a fun, easy DIY winter-themed craft for kids as part of the Winter Wonderland Blog Hop presented by the fabulous Adrienne of The Iowa Farmer’s Wife:

Mason Jar Snow Globes!

DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe

This craft is super simple.  Instead of worrying about having the right size figurine or modeling clay to stick down your props or finding a glue that works in water – all you need to do is press on some stickers!  Want to make it even easier?  Forget about the water completely and use fake snow.  Crafting should be fun, not frustrating!

MaterialsDIY Mason Jar Snow Globe

  • A mason jar (or any jar with a good seal will do)
  • Glitter paillettes (you can also use fake snow or sequins or regular glitter)
  • Plastic 3-D Stickers
  • Water
  • Glycerin (vegetable oil works, too!)

Step 1

Open your jar and press on your stickers.

DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe

If you want your “globe” to mainly rest on the bottom instead of the lid, keep that in mind when placing your stickers.  Our Recollections brand 3D stickers from Michael’s stuck really well and we didn’t have issues with them peeling off.

Step 2

Fill the jar up almost to the top with water.

If you worry about leaking, add some duct tape around the lid and decorate it to hide the tape  job.  We didn’t have any leaks at all, though, with lots of vigorous shaking.

Step 3

Then add in a drop or two of vegetable oil.  If your craft stash is awesomer than ours, then do half water – half glycerin.

The oil/glycerin makes the liquid inside your snow globe more viscous so the glitter slows down instead of falling straight to the bottom, plus it keeps the glitter or fake snow from clumping.

Tip:  If you have fake snow, just skip this step altogether for an even easier craft! The kids will love just shaking up the  jar and watching the snow drift around.

Step 4

Add lots of glitter paillettes.  (Paillettes are like mini-confetti instead of microscopic glitter).

If you use regular glitter, you could probably use just a little.  Throw in a few sequins for some fun sparkly floaters, too!

Step 5

Seal your jar and shake it up!

DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe

Notice no pictures of the kids?  Try getting your child to sit still with one of these :-)

Looking for more winter-themed crafts?  Check out all the great ideas in the Winter Wonderland Blog Hop from these fab bloggy ladies:

Happy crafting!

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