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This is a bit new, we have been doing a lot of kindergarten and preschool geography activities lately! Today we’re sharing our contribution to the Booking Across the USA project spearheaded by Jodie of Growing Book by Book, which explores all 50 states…you guessed it:  book by book.


Our state, since we live here and because it is nothing short of awesome, is California.

Preschool Geography Book

We read Our California by Pam Munoz Ryan, which has wonderful illustrations and is packed full of information about the history, culture, and geography of California.  In terms of the language and reading level, this book is more suitable for an elementary school reader, but it was an excellent learning tool for my toddler and preschooler with me reading the book aloud. It was also a great refresher course for me!
Pam Munoz Ryan Our California

Preschool Geography Activity

To go along with the book, we played a matching game with California state symbols:

Outlaw Mom Booking Across the USA California 3Outlaw Mom Booking Across the USA California 1Outlaw Mom Booking Across the USA California 2

You can download your own set of the matching cards here, which includes 12 different state symbols or significant geographical features specific to California.

First, we printed out two copies of each matching card and then played a simple game of memory with just the photos, talking about what was shown on each of the cards.

Kindergarten Geography Activity

Next, we used the reading cards to match the photos to the words, read the words, and then we talked more about what the words and photos represented.

Outlaw Mom California Reading Cards

You can download your own set of the reading cards here, which includes text to go along with the photos from the matching cards set.

These activities were definitely a fun hands-on reinforcement tool to extend our reading experience!

More Preschool, Toddler, and Infant Books

If you’re looking for a simpler book for preschoolers and kindergarteners, try Good Night California by Adam Gamble 

Gamble Kelly Good Night California

I have to warn you that while the simplicity is appealing and the illustrations are charming, this is not a book for learning syntax or sentence structure! Even though I cringed at the awkward language, Good Night California is still an entertaining read for kids and a good way to introduce your child to the different aspects of California.

And 123 California: A Cool Counting Book, which is a simple counting book, is good for babies, toddlers, and even younger preschoolers.

Puck 123 California

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Happy Trails!

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