DIY First Day Of School Signs

August 12, 2013 in All Posts, DIY

This weekend we were supposed to go on an impromptu Disneyland trip before school started, but we ended up staying home, so I had some time to make these cute First Day Of School Signs for my preschooler and pre-kindergartener.


They were so easy to put together and will make a great photo prop for our Monday morning first day of school pictures.



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First, cut your foam board down to size if it’s too big.  I cut a 20″ x 30″ board in half to make two equal-sized signs.

Second, choose your cardstock patterns and cut out squares. We used four different patterns for each board and cut the cardstock into 6 x 6 squares. The smaller pieces are 3 x 6 and 2 x 6.Outlaw-Mom-First-Day-Of-School-Craft

Third, add whatever lettering you desire. I handcut letters from self-adhesive glitter foam for my daughter’s Pre-K sign and pasted handcut patterned cardstock letters over a glitter foam rectangle for my son’s Preschool sign.Outlaw-Mom-First-Day-School-Signs

Optional: Decorate the back of your sign.Outlaw-Mom-First-Day-School-Sign

Some fun alternatives:

  • Leave a square blank for your child’s “All About Me” answers to things like my favorite color, my best friend, my favorite class, etc.
  • Add the year to one of the squares.
  • Highlight your child’s name and age on the sign.
  • Paste a photo of your child and/or your family in place of a cardstock-covered square.

How do you document your children’s first and last day of school? Please share in the comments!

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