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Outlaw Mom Galileo Summer Camp Review

{Review} Galileo Summer Camp

Planning my kids’ summer camp schedule is one of my least favorite things to do as a working mom. There are so many choices and it’s hard to know whether a camp is the right fit for your child and what to do if it’s not. Luckily we hit the jackpot with Galileo Summer Camp for our […]
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DIY Batik Shirts with Glue for Kids

Glue Resist Batik T-Shirts

If you thought DIY Batik Shirts were difficult to make – like I did before we tried this new activity – you are so wrong! Making Glue Resist Batik T-Shirts is actually super easy, super fun, and super cheap, especially if you already have glue and painting supplies handy. This is the perfect weekend activity you can […]
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Science Experiment for Kids: Exploding Sandwich Bag

I took my own advice this summer and tried this classic messy outdoor science experiment for kids last month: the Exploding Sandwich Bag. This experiment is your basic baking soda and vinegar reaction experiment, but the anticipation of the explosion, the big pop, and the overflowing fizzy solution made this one a favorite with the […]
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DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe

Easy Sticker Snow Globe Craft

I’ve been on a wonky posting schedule lately trying to juggle a sick family, my day job, and on and on, but I’m back today with a fun, easy DIY winter-themed craft for kids as part of the Winter Wonderland Blog Hop presented by the fabulous Adrienne of The Iowa Farmer’s Wife: Mason Jar Snow […]
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DIY Coaster Tutorial

Christmas Coaster Craft

Hey y’all! (No, I am not from Texas, but that’s the kind of mood I’m in today). Just wanted to share that we have an activity doing double duty as a holiday gift and DIY craft over at Kids Activities Blog that you will definitely want to check out – especially if you are tapped […]
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easy homemade ornaments

{Celebrate} Homemade For The Holidays | Fifteen Easy Ornament Ideas

This holiday season we’re focusing more on being together with family and friends than on the commercial aspect of the month, which is our usual tradition.  A lot of the gifts we’re giving are homemade and as fun to put together as they are to bestow on our loved ones.  Every year we normally buy exquisite […]
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thanksgiving table setting and decor

{Celebrate} DailyBuzz Moms 9×9 November Challenge | Rustic Thanksgiving Table

When I was selected to participate in DailyBuzz Moms 9×9 November Challenge, I was absolutely thrilled because this Thanksgiving is extra special for us.  Hubby’s parents, who have never experienced a traditional American Thanksgiving, are coming to the States for the holiday and we’ve been busy trying to plan out an authentic meal and setting […]
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thanksgiving turkey mask

{Play} Thanksgiving Turkey Mask From Recycled Materials

We have the biggest recycling heap.  It’s not exactly something we should be proud of since even though the materials aren’t ending up in the trash, it means we are consuming and wasting a lot.  Here’s how we give some of our waste a second life:  animal masks!  This Thanksgiving turkey mask is so easy […]
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