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DIY Small World Town for Kids

Easy Homemade Play Town

Glitter, upcycling, and independent play:  these are a few of my favorite things. When we received a box brimming with Glitter Glue, Painters Markers, School Glue and Glue Sticks from Elmer’s last weekend, I knew EXACTLY what we would do – get our craft on and create a homemade play town with items straight from […]
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Disneyland with Preschoolers

Top Ten Tips For Disneyland With Preschoolers

After our maiden voyage to Disneyland was such a magical success, we can’t wait to visit again. Short and sweet, here are our Top Ten Tips for Disneyland With Preschoolers. Don’t forget to check out our detailed post on Planning for Disneyland with Preschoolers, with tips on when to visit the park, what attractions not to […]
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Summer Learning Activities

Summer Learning Activities for Kids: Top Ten Ways To Keep Kids Thinking

I’m thrilled to be participating in the Second Annual School’s Out! Top 10 Summer Learning Activities series and sharing our Top Ten Ways to Keep Kids Thinking over Summer Break with you. If you’re like me, you want your children to enjoy the beautiful summer weather, play in the dirt, swim in the pool and just […]
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CRAVE IT. COVET. LOVE IT. This Week: Crave Artisanal Bean-to-Bar Chocolate

This week, I’m craving single origin, blended, and flavored artisanal bean-to-bar chocolate, like the to-die-for varieties we tasted at the recent Women’s Intellectual Property Lawyer’s Association networking event at Palo Alto’s The Chocolate Garage. The Habanero from Patric Chocolate was sinfully hot, sweet, and salty: If you haven’t visited The Chocolate Garage, they have tasting […]
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DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe

Easy Sticker Snow Globe Craft

I’ve been on a wonky posting schedule lately trying to juggle a sick family, my day job, and on and on, but I’m back today with a fun, easy DIY winter-themed craft for kids as part of the Winter Wonderland Blog Hop presented by the fabulous Adrienne of The Iowa Farmer’s Wife: Mason Jar Snow […]
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Raising a Thinking Kid

The ABCs of Raising A Thinking Child: A through E

If you could teach your child only one thing, what would it be? What about the top five things?  I made a list of Ten Things I Will Teach My Daughter a little while ago, but really what I want for either of the kids is much more simple. Kindness is a given and easy for […]
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ten things i will teach my daughter

{Live} Ten Things I Will Teach My Daughter

Today, when I was driving in to work, I caught the end of NPR’s Forum program on Marissa Mayer and The Work-Life Debate.  It dovetailed nicely with my recent thoughts on going back to work versus my brief stint as a stay-at-home mom and my new curiosity in this thing called feminism – which I’ll admit I […]
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Open Ended Play Invitations

{Play} Easy Ways To Encourage Free Play

I wrote a post about Jane’s Free Play Fun activity a while back when I needed an easy way to give myself a few extra minutes of downtime and make sure Jane was actively occupied with something she was interested in (that wasn’t television). I’m writing about it again because a friend mentioned to me the other […]
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definition of supermom

{Live} How to Deal with Pinsecurity

Hi. My name is Chrissy. And I’m a Supermom. (Did she really just say that?) Yes, I did.  And I’ll say it again. I’m a Supermom. There’s no Supermom Myth. I’m right here. I take care of my kids as best I can.  I take care of my family as best I can.  I take […]
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diy monogram

{Craft} Yarn Wrapped Letters Nursery Gift

Need inspiration for a different take on the DIY monogram or a homemade nursery gift for a newborn? How about these Yarn Wrapped Letters: To give you an idea of how long it takes me to get around to doing any of the projects on my Crafty Bucket List, I was inspired by this, made […]
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