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  1. Debbie says:

    Have just come across your site after finding rainbow rice garden., which l love . I do family daycare which is home based care. I am very excited about your site.

  2. A Patterson says:

    Your blog is amazing. I love that you’re so honest and down-to-earth. I truly appreciate the post on Pinsecurity (among others). Being a mom is a different beast these days, that’s for sure. Thank you.

  3. Melody F. says:

    I love your blog, even though I have only read a couple of posts. Your candor is refreshing! I’m looking forward to reading more about your transition back to the workforce. Happy Mothers Day!

    • Chrissy @ The Outlaw Mom Blog says:

      Thanks so much, Melody! It’s been a whirlwind lately, but I’ll be posting about the transition soon…

  4. Chand says:

    Hi Chrissy,
    Fantastic Blog, i just tried making your home made play dough it came out great. Its going in all the party bags for my daughters first birthday.
    hospobaby.blogspot.co.nz, thats my blog and I have just started.
    Keep blogging.

    • Chrissy @ The Outlaw Mom Blog says:

      That’s great! Glad that the recipe was helpful and hope your daughter has a fabulous first birthday :-) Thanks for visiting!

  5. I like your blog- Kudos to trying to find the work-life balance- Staying home now and loving it after failing for years to find it myself! Looks like you’re licking it! :) Although, I spend probably as much time blogging as if I were back at work- haven’t figured that out yet. haha.

    • Oh, thank you so much – glad you enjoy browsing around here :-) Love all your fun kids’ activities at critters and crayons!

      It is difficult, isn’t it. Finding that balance right now with two small kids and working a 24/7 job feels like balancing on a tight rope without a net! We’ll see what the future holds….

  6. You have a great blog, love it!

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