From time to time I write sponsored posts for a product or service that I receive for free or I am compensated for writing a post on a particular subject or about a certain brand.

I love doing these posts to explore new products and services and tell you what’s great or not so great about them and to share some of my already favorite brands and products with you.

I include a Disclaimer at the end of every one of these posts to let you know it was sponsored and how I was compensated.  You can find all of my Sponsored Posts as a subcategory in the Posts pull down menu at the top of any page on the blog.

If you’re reading a sponsored post it does NOT mean that the company has told me what to write – I do not write “advertorials” here.  And, receiving compensation or a free product does not automatically mean I will write a glowing review.  If you know me or read my blogs, I’m sure you know that it would take a lot more than swag for me to serve as a false mouthpiece for a brand I don’t actually endorse in real life.

Questions? E-mail me at theoutlawmom[at]gmail[dot]com.

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