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{Around The World In 12 Dishes} Sweden | Swedish Pancakes

April 10, 2012 in All Posts, Play, Toddler Activities

Welcome to Around The World in 12 Dishes! In March, we – and 12 other amazing bloggers and their children – began our culinary adventure around the world to explore 12 different countries in 12 months by cooking one dish from one country each month with our kids.  This month we’re learning about SWEDEN! Swedish […]

CRAVE IT. COVET. LOVE IT. This Week: Crave Fresh Home-Delivered Dairy

March 18, 2012 in All Posts, CRAVE IT. COVET. LOVE IT.

This week I’ve been craving fresh cream, butter, milk and yogurt delivered straight to my door, like the local Bay Area Clover-Stornetta products delivered by Palo Alto native Michal the Milkman. Unless, like my in-laws, you live across the pond and have had the same milkman delivering your bottles of fresh, creamy milk for the last […]

{Live} Skinny Cow Shake-Stir Ice Cream Shake Review | Take One

March 11, 2012 in All Posts, Parenting, Sponsored Posts

Did you hear the one about the girl who tried to squeeze herself into a bridesmaid’s dress four sizes too small?  Yep, that’s me.  I tried the dress on again recently  just to make sure – sucking in and pulling tight – but that didn’t make the 3 inch swath of back fat disappear.  I […]

{Live} Bye For Now + Raspberry Milk & Love Coasters

February 8, 2012 in All Posts, DIY

If you can believe it – I can’t – I’m off on holiday WITHOUT the kids.  I’m going on about the 20th breakdown for the week, missing them so utterly madly, even though I’m still here.  But, it’s a well-needed rest and an opportunity that won’t come around for many years more, so here I […]

{Bake} Milk Caramels #SmartFinalSupportsSoCalSchools #CBias

December 21, 2011 in All Posts, Bake, Sponsored Posts

It’s safe to say I’m a bit caramel obsessed.  Who can resist the ooey, gooey goodness of a warm Caramel Sauce drizzled over an inside-out Apple Crumble Cheesecake or thick, creamy Caramel Frosting Brownie Sandwiches?  This holiday season I’m making lots of caramel-drizzled desserts, but I’m also making caramels.  Salty ones like these delicious, divine […]

{Play} Fun With Food! Fun With Toast

September 29, 2011 in All Posts, Fun With Food!, Play, Toddler Activities

Fun With Toast! is our latest installment of the Fun With Food! series. Some mornings I just need more time to myself.  Share & Remember inspired this fun painting activity that gives me  a few extra minutes to shower, blog, eat or have a cup of tea in peace. Materials toast milk liquid food coloring bowls paintbrush Step […]

{Bake} Weetabix Banana Muffins

September 23, 2011 in All Posts, Bake

What do you do with three very ripe bananas soon to turn to mush, a baking crazed toddler and her Weetabix fanatic mom?  Weetabix Banana Muffins! We found this great recipe from Toddler Tastes and had so much fun with it!  The complete recipe for these healthy, toddler-friendly muffins can be found here.  We left […]

CRAVE IT. COVET. LOVE IT. This Week: Crave got milk? Magic Milk Straws

July 13, 2011 in All Posts, CRAVE IT. COVET. LOVE IT.

This week I’m craving these superfun got milk? Magic Milk Straws: So totally awesome – especially because I can’t get one single ounce of calcium into Jane on most days. Just dip, sip and presto! you have yummy flavored milk. Nutrition information on these lactose, gluten, fat, dairy, soy and nut free all natural flavored straws here. […]