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{Play} Best Toddler Activity Of 2011

January 2, 2012 in All Posts, Play, Toddler Activities

For someone who’s so nostalgic about everything, I’m surprised at how much I’m looking forward to 2012.  But before I get busy jumping ahead, here’s my favorite play post from 2011: Colorful Ice Cube Painting   We got so messy, but we had so much fun! Jane was in heaven with the different textures and […]

{Play} Painting With Winter Leaves & Needles

December 12, 2011 in All Posts, Play, Toddler Activities

  A few weeks back – before it turned really cold (well really cold to a Californian) – we gathered some pine needles and other winter leaves for a painting experiment. At first, Jane wasn’t quite sure what to do when I put out the paint and leaf collection, but she quickly realized she could […]

{Celebrate} Homemade For The Holidays | Menorah Handprints

December 8, 2011 in All Posts, Celebrate, Play, Toddler Activities

Here’s a super easy Hannukah gift that your child can make in just a few minutes.  Jane made them as teacher’s gifts.   Materials Blue and yellow paint (or any other colors you wish) Paper Step 1 Using the blue paint, have your toddler make a handprint with each of her hands, with the thumbs […]

{Play} 30 Days to Hands on Play Challenge | Days 1 through 8

November 10, 2011 in All Posts, Play, Toddler Activities

If you aren’t already playing along, Jamie at hands on : as we grow and Anna at The Imagination Tree are co-hosting the 30 Days to Hands on Play Challenge:  thirty days of hands on play prompts for you and your children. Here’s what we’ve been doing over the last week: Day 1 – Develop A Mission Statement We […]

{Play} Pipet Painting

November 10, 2011 in All Posts, Play, Toddler Activities

For Day 8 of the 30 Days to Hands on Play Challenge, we came up with this colorful pipet painting activity!  I would have called this “Dropper Painting,” but Grandma and Jane quickly corrected me that what we were using was a pipet, not a dropper. Materials baby food jars or clear cups a pipet (otherwise […]

{Play} Painting With Brushes, Balls and Bodies

November 3, 2011 in All Posts, Play, Toddler Activities

  The other day Jane looked up at me and said, “Mommy, I want to paint.” “What do you want to paint?” “Something HUMONGOUS!” My first thought was, “Where in the heck did she learn that word?” And my second was, “What humongous paintable thing do I have lying around the house?” Initially, I thought […]

{Play} Fun With Food! Fun With Toast

September 29, 2011 in All Posts, Fun With Food!, Play, Toddler Activities

Fun With Toast! is our latest installment of the Fun With Food! series. Some mornings I just need more time to myself.  Share & Remember inspired this fun painting activity that gives me  a few extra minutes to shower, blog, eat or have a cup of tea in peace. Materials toast milk liquid food coloring bowls paintbrush Step […]

{Play} Colorful Ice Cube Painting

September 15, 2011 in All Posts, Play, Toddler Activities

WARNING:  This project is not for the faint of art! If the thought of messes, stains, vibrant color and irrepressible squealing makes you squirm, stop reading here and hurry over to last week’s post on Water Painting, which is a completely fuss- and mess-free project you and your kids will love just as much as […]

{Play} Water Painting

September 10, 2011 in All Posts, Play, Toddler Activities

Okay, so technically, today isn’t Thursday, but at our house, we live on toddler time, so any day goes! Now, what you’re about to witness is nothing short of a miracle of miracles . . .  Jane and Sam actually playing together – art play no less – and not fighting each other to the […]