5 Weird But True Facts About Us

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Have you heard? Today is #WeirdWednesday.Weird Wednesday

That means that today Austin, Texas, is being crowned by National Geographic as the inaugural “Weird But True” Town of the Year and all week long National Geographic Kids will be celebrating the results of its survey of kids across the United States who have shared what’s kooky, unique, and wonderfully weird about themselves and their worlds. Why not read the results of the Weird But True Survey as a fun way to spend some cozy after school time now that the weather is getting chilly, evenings are coming earlier, and there’s less time for playing outside.

Being a lawyer and a crafter with a fondness for outrageous parties, my favorite “Weird But True” fact has to be the runner up for Weirdest Law in the United States:

Owning confetti is a crime in Mobile, Alabama.

I would definitely be wearing black and white stripes if I lived in Mobile.

In honor of Weird Wednesday, I’m sharing 5 weird but true facts about me and the kids at the end of this post – with some exciting news to share in one of those facts. (Read on to find out!) But first, here’s how you and your children can participate in Weird Wednesday: just share a weird but true fact on National Geographic Kids’ Facebook Page, write a blog post about it, or tweet it out or instagram it using #WeirdWednesday.

ACTIVITY: To help your child understand and appreciate what makes her and those around her one in a million, have her create a list of things that make her or your family, your home, or your neighborhood unique. She can draw pictures or make a collage representing the unique characteristics of each item or each trait she identifies. Then, on a down day or when she’s feeling low about herself, you can refer back to this beautiful project and get her back on track to celebrating the things that make her special.

Weird But True Books and AppAnd, if your child is a sucker for the Weird But True book series  – my son LOVES it – you can also download the Weird But True App at the iTunes store. You’ll discover more than 900 kid-friendly “weird but true facts,” like “Didaskaleinophobia is the fear of going to school” and “Before toothpaste was invented some people cleaned their teeth with charcoal.”

5 Weird But True Facts About Our Family

  1. One summer in London, I randomly shared a cab with two of three members of Run DMC.
  2. My daughter can pick up the tune of a song after hearing it only once.
  3. My son can eat at the table while sleeping sitting straight up in his chair (actually chewing and swallowing his food, opening his eyes slightly every so often to see the next bite).
  4. My husband has conducted one of the only in print interviews of bluegrass guitar legend Doc Watson (no relation).
  5. We live right next door to my parents (that’s new as of last week and I’m so excited to share more with you soon!)

Have a weird but true fact to share with us? Share it in the comments or on our Facebook Page.

Thanks for reading and keep #RaisingThinkingKids!

Disclaimer: As a National Geographic Kids Insider in the #NGKInsider Ambassador Program, I received a free copy of “Weird But True” for my family’s own use. I do not receive any compensation if you download the Weird But True app, if you purchase any of the Weird But True series books, or if you participate in the #WeirdWednesday campaign. All opinions are my own.

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