{Live} A Weekend of Firsts: One Year Later

April 24, 2012 in All Posts, Parenting

I can’t believe it’s already one year been since I posted A Weekend of Firsts: Transitioning to a Toddler Bed and Eating Cheerios where Jane left her crib for a big girl bed (25 months) and Sam was just mastering his pincer grasp (11 months).

Here we are again, one year later, and Sam has transitioned to his toddler bed (23 months) and Jane is just mastering her reading skills (3 years old).

My time flies.

I thought I would never see the day when Sam could draw with markers, scribble with crayons, or wield a paintbrush without eating his chosen medium, but it has finally arrived!toddler learning to use dot markers

(Yes, it’s possible to chew out the entire pad of a Do-A-Dot Marker.  Don’t be fooled into thinking these are a “safe” alternative for your mouthing toddler!)

And I cannot believe Jane is now a full-fledged “person.”  She’s definitely no longer a toddler or my baby.

  • She advises me, “We have to wait patiently for the light to be green,” if I exhibit impatience at a long red light.
  • When my mom asked me to define what a rodent was for Jane’s benefit, she piped in, “The capybara is the largest rodent in the world.”
  • She helps me raise her little brother, teaching him “Don’t go in the road, or cars will hit you: BOOM!” and calms his toddler tantrums with aplomb:toddler taming a tantrum

Much to my amazement (maybe because, like I said, I don’t give enough credit to these diminutive people we call children), I left Jane with a bowl of crafting beads and flower wire we were using for this project and she created her first bracelet!preschooler learning to make bead bracelets

I didn’t have to prompt her:  she thought of the idea on her own.  I didn’t have to supervise her:  she figured out how not to get poked by the wire on her own.

Didn’t think my little ones would be leaving the baby nest so soon.

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